Drop Leaf Utility Kitchen Cart, Natural Finish

Finland Kitchen Cart - My USA Furniture
Finland Kitchen Cart - My USA Furniture
Finland Kitchen Cart - My USA Furniture
Finland Kitchen Cart - My USA Furniture
Finland Kitchen Cart - My USA Furniture
Finland Kitchen Cart - My USA Furniture
Finland Kitchen Cart - My USA Furniture
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Product Information

The ultimate kitchen cart, the Natural Finland cart provides bevy of storage options and a spacious workspace. Hide utensils and cutlery in the deep drawer, keep wine bottle safe and sound on the rack, towels on each hooks, knife block keeps the knives safe then storage plates and glasses on the bottom shelf. Durable casters allow you to easily move the cart. This compact kitchen island is ideal for a small kitchen that needs more workspace. Shelf is 21.1"W x 15.9"D. Drawer inside dimension is 19.75"W x 13.5"D x 4.3"H. Overall cart dimension is 35"W x 20.5"D x 31.5"H. Constructed of solid and composite wood in natural finish. Assembly required.
Overall cart dimension is 35"W x 20.5"D x 31.5"H. Bottom shelf surface is 21.1"W x 15.9"D.
Top surface is 27"W x 20.4"D. Drawer inside dimension is 19.75"W x 13.5"D x 4.3"H.
Comes with knife block and holds 4 bottles of wine. Solid and composite wood. Assembly required.

Additional Information

Quantity Available in Stock 30
SKU WW-83644
Collection Finland
UPC 021713836441
Assembled Dimensions (L x W x H) 34.29" x 20.47" x 31.57"
Assembly Required Yes
Color Natural
Material Solid wood
Weight 43.65 lbs
Prop 65 No

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Very nice and sturdy kitchen cart. I found it to be a good value. It was rather easy to assemble, except for the towel ring because of the angle and location of the screws. I ended up leaving it off, i didn't need it anyway. It should be an easy assemble if you are good with visual/picture instructions. Will probably replace the casters for something that looks bigger.


PSA:I think Winsome may have updated this cart since some older complaints were made about it. To address some of them:• The towel rack brackets are now bolt-on options, as is the knife block. You do not need to install them if you wish to save space, as long as you don't mind seeing the screw holes. Also, leaving them off will not affect the structural integrity of the cart.• If the screws were phillips at one time, they are now allen (hex).• I had no trouble assembling this myself, and in a relatively short amount of time. A second person is not really necessary, but could be helpful if you're not the handy type.• The dowels on the wine rack shelf are about 2.75" apart. A typical 3" wine bottle will stay put just fine.Here are my thoughts on this cart:For the price I paid, especially when compared to the rest of the options I considered, I'm quite impressed! I needed these main factors for me to make my choice:• I wanted solid wood, not manufactured.• I needed a drawer spacious enough for flatware and a variety of utensils.• I needed enough storage underneath for my pots and pans.• I needed a wide enough top to serve as a secondary prep counter.• It had to be compact enough to roll into the corner space I had available to me, to be out of the way when not in use.• It had to be sturdy and stable enough to handle cutting and chopping.Naturally, I would have to confirm that last point for myself once I'd gotten it here - and yes, it IS stable enough - but out of all the options I could find, this cart actually turned out to be the only option to tick just about all the boxes on my list. There's some composite wood, but not enough to turn me off completely. So, score.The knife block comes in extremely handy, more than I thought it would. I do keep the bulk of my knives in a big block at my main counter station, but this gives you slots to keep three knives plus a sharpening steel within reach without having to go back and forth. The slots are roughly 3", 1-7/8" and 1-1/4" and are currently holding my cleaver, chef's knife and bread knife.The wood top has a bit of a finish to it, so you might balk a little at taking your knives to it. Not a big deal though, since there's the cutting board that stows under the top. The dimensions of the board are 14.5"x16"x0.75" and it has a flat surface on one side and a juice groove on the other. The board has the same glossy finish as the top, so for my purposes, it would be better utilized as a serving tray than a working surface since I already have a more substantial block that I prefer. But it's a nice feature to have for someone who needs it. Also, as I discovered accidentally, you can pull the cutting board out of its slot about half to three-quarters of the way and use it as extra counter space in a pinch.Speaking of the top, and older complaints, I saw more than one critical comment about the height of the cart. Of course it's all about preference, but I don't get it. I'm 6ft tall and I think it's a great height, especially because it a gives me a much more comfortable angle than the higher countertop does for chopping. But even for cutting and slicing, I can stand straight up and work with no issues. Take that for what it's worth.The sliding action of the drawer is strictly a manual affair. No rollers or bearings - it mounts and slides wood on wood, and it stays where you leave it. This is not for you if you need a self-closing drawer for whatever reason, or even one that moves with a lighter touch. You couldn't bump it closed with your hip when your hands are full, for instance. Also, the drawer drops frontwards and down when it's pulled all the way out, at which point there's a little rotating lock inside that stops the back of the drawer from coming out completely. No big deal, you just set it in place upon assembly and leave it. It rotates for when and if you do want to remove the drawer. Be warned - if you forget to engage that lock and pull the drawer out too far, it will crash to the floor, scattering both flatware and freaked-out cats.A last note of advice - if you can, get your hands on a ratcheting wrench/screwdriver with a 4mm allen socket, or a drill or powered screwdriver with a 4mm allen bit. Assembly will go a lot faster than fumbling with the 'L' hex key they give you. Again, for what it's worth.


I am not using it for its intended purpose its working great as a rolling cart for my 3D printer holds all my filament and the drawer is great for the little tools u need to work on the printer.. its all wood not that cheap pressed board stuff its solid very happy with my purchase


I have replaced a very old similar cart without a drawer with this one and love the drawer. The paper towel holder works so much easier than the one on the old cart, which required unscrewing the dowel end to replace the towels. Could do without the wine rack and would rather have a shelf there, but the one thing that will continue to bother me is the height. I'm short, 5; 3", and it's still a backbreaker when using it like a counter top. I have a slab of granite on top, which raises it about an inch, but still it's too low. I knew the height when I purchased it, but it was the only one with the other features I needed. Deducted a star for making it a height uncomfortable to use in a kitchen. We're old and two of us put it together without a problem. The instructions are good and it was well packed with no broken or missing parts. Everything lined up perfectly.


I got this as a workspace for oil painting. I am able to put a table easel on top, paints and brushes in the drawer, trash bag on the towel pegs, and use the bottom shelves as racks for wet paintings. And I can move it around easily. It is perfect. I covered it with puppy piddle pads to keep it clean (as it is beautiful). A real artists taboret (that's what an artist workspace is called) would have cost $700.00. I was able to put it together by myself (63 yr old woman). There was one tricky part I could have used another pair of hands, but worked it out. It arrived in 2 days. I was shocked as I was expecting it to take much longer. (I must live near the fulfilment center.) Very happy!


This is a good product and arrived on time in good condition. I will buy again.

Customer image

Jamie Shelton

Bought this for my sons new bedroom set. Very nice, great quality and price.

Customer image

Jessie Nguyen

Very nice item, assembly instructions easy to follow.

Customer image

Martin Jackman