Hackett Kitchen Storage Cart, Natural Finish

Hackett Kitchen Storage Cart, Natural - My USA Furniture
Hackett Kitchen Storage Cart, Natural - My USA Furniture
Hackett Kitchen Storage Cart, Natural - My USA Furniture
Hackett Kitchen Storage Cart, Natural - My USA Furniture
Hackett Kitchen Storage Cart, Natural - My USA Furniture
Hackett Kitchen Storage Cart, Natural - My USA Furniture
Hackett Kitchen Storage Cart, Natural - My USA Furniture
Hackett Kitchen Storage Cart, Natural - My USA Furniture
Hackett Kitchen Storage Cart, Natural - My USA Furniture
Hackett Kitchen Storage Cart, Natural - My USA Furniture
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Product Information

Create instant space and additional storage in your kitchen with this rolling Winsome Wood Hackett Kitchen Cart Storage. Use in your kitchen for additional storage without taking up too much floor space and will come in handy as an extra surface top for food preparation. The cabinet doors open up to a large compartment with a removable slatted shelf, perfect for storing bowls, plates and kitchen essential within easy reach. A drawer providing maximum space for your silverware, knives, and other kitchen utensils. And a side bar that comes in handy for hanging a hand towel. Standing up on four rolling casters, two of which lock to keep in place, for easy mobility to wheel around in the kitchen. This cart is a must have for studio apartments or small spaces that needing extra storage. Finished in a clear lacquer to highlight the natural wood grain, a Winsome classic with plenty of charm. Constructed of solid beech wood and composite. Conveniently packed and shipped in 1 box, that includes the hardware necessary for assembling. Replacement part request can be submitted directly to the manufacturer within 60 days from date of purchase. Unit dims: 26.9"W x 18.2"D x 34.3"H Drawer: 19.3"W x 13.1"D x 3.8"H Cabinet interior: 20.5"W x 14.4"D x 20”H (without shelf)
Overall cart size is 26.9"W x 18.2"D x 34.3"H. Cart top is 26"W x 18.2"D.
Inside drawer dim is 19.3"W x 13.1"D x 3.8"H. 2 slated shelves is 22.6"W x 12.9"D.
Top shelf clearance of 7.5". Made of solid/composite wood in wood natural finish. Assembly required.

Additional Information

SKU WW-82027
Collection Hackett
UPC 021713820273
Assembled Dimensions (L x W x H) 26.9" x 18.2" x 34.3"
Assembly Required Yes
Color Natural
Material Solid / Composite wood
Weight 48.25 lbs
Prop 65 No

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

My item was a warehouse item listed as repackaged. I’ve gotten such items before without any problems. This was different: the item arrived destroyed. Not only was the wood smashed but even the paper and styrofoam was shredded. I surmise that this item fell from a second story height, the box burst open, and the components splintered. An employee shoved it all back, sealed it up and called it good. Very unethical.


My wife has been lamenting for quite a while about how our kitchen doesn't have quite enough counter/cabinet space, and how nice it would be to have an island, despite also thinking that an island would just "get in the way." This seems to be the perfect solution. It matches our cabinets fairly well, and fits nearly perfectly in the space between the last cabinet and the glass slider door. The width is almost the exact same depth as our cabinets, and since it's just slightly shorter than the counter, it rests under the slight overhang of the counter very nicely.The construction was very straightforward, and much easier than many other DIY assembly furniture. One tip I will make is to take careful note of which way you put on the guide blocks for the back panel. You'll want to keep the smaller edge facing out, or the panel won't sit right. I had to swap one of them around real quick to get it right, but that was no trouble. The assembled unit is very sturdy, and I'm not terribly worried about the panels popping out of their slots, which can sometimes be an issue with this type of design.One minor modification I made, which would be nice to have a factory option for, was swapping the handle to the other side of the cart. It's set up to go on the Right side, which didn't work for us. I measured where the holes were, drilled and countersunk some new ones, and re-installed the handle on the Left side of the cabinet. It'd be nice if both sides were pre-drilled, and there were just some extra caps to put in the unused holes.Regardless, we now have just that little bit of missing counter/cabinet space, which can be tucked out of the way, or brought out to wherever in the kitchen it's needed, and we couldn't be happier with it!


This is the third Winsome product I've purchased. Yes, I like them that much!Although the directions indicate you should use two people to put this together, I did it myself in an evening, and I'm not a woodworking expert. I just know how to read directions. I put sticky notes on each piece as I identified it from the instructions, which helped a lot as I was assembling pieces later. Two of them were marked with identification stickers because they were similar but needed to be in a specific spot, and I wish they would have done this for all the pieces. It would have made things a bit easier. But that’s my only complaint and it’s a minor one.This cart is perfect for my small convection/toaster oven, and has storage behind the cabinet doors for anything I don't want out. This is a well-made, nice looking, and functional piece of furniture. It’s an excellent value – I priced other carts both locally and online, and this one was the least expensive. And since I’d purchased and assembled Winsome products already, I was sure it would be as nice as the others. I’m very pleased with this cart.


The cabinet comes with a few smaller pieces already attached. Packed together in a way that looked designed well for minimizing shifting in the box, though the hinges on the front doors were poking past their wrapping. Assembly went well, though I put a cross piece on with the backboard slot in the wrong side at first. Drawer uses a wood piece on each side to slot onto. Hinges gave me a little trouble at first, but following the recommended resolution at the end of the instructions worked great.The product itself will have a slight amount of air that can come in through the bottom slatted shelf, so not good for open food. (Not a problem for what I will be using it for.) On the whole, the assembly suggests it will hold up well if taken care of. The beams, top, and doors are solid wood, the shelves side middle panel, back panel, and shelf bottom are the thin wood-ish sheeting. It is on the smaller side, but that's clear if you check dimensions. Only two of the wheels lock, with that cheap plastic wheel locking tab.For the price, especially if you are tight on space, this is a great unit to go with. You will need one standard Phillips head screwdriver for drawer sides, door magnet, and handle screws. The rest is either pre-assembled or use the hex wrench in the package.


After much research into size, color, shape, capability, and material used, I chose the Winsome roll-around . I received the unit two days earlier than expected, and the shipping box was in excellent condition. After carefully opening, removing and inventorying the contents, I found that I only needed a Phillips head screwdriver as an Allen wrench was included. OK. So far, so good. Then came the instructions which admittedly left a lot to be desired but the rendering drawings were more helpful. (NOTE: If you buy this unit and decide to follow the drawings for assembly, look at each stage of the drawings carefully before you start each assembly stage. The drawings are very good and accurate so follow them accordingly). The most impressive aspect of this package was the material. It was solid wood. Pieces were wrapped in thin Styrofoam sheeting and taped to keep from unraveling. Admittedly I have not seen this depth of packaging in some time which told me that this company takes steps to ensure a protected product to the customer. Attachment of all the parts was made thru the use of screw-bolts which had the star shaped head and were screwed in using a star headed Allen wrench. In nearly all the instances, the screws went in relatively quick while a few took some time because of their location in the unit. This was NOT a problem however. By looking at each of the assembly drawings at least 3-5 times, each and every piece of wood was placed in their correct location without any incident. NOTE: As you assemble each segment, DO NOT tighten the bolts completely down. Tighten to a gentle one-finger pull on the wrench. This will allow some leeway as you get to the next step of assembly and fitting. Once I got all the pieces together, I went back and tightened each screw-bolt using a two-finger pull on the Allen wrench. After getting the unit near completion, it was time to add the doors. Now, reading other reviews, I read the whining about the bent hinges, or hinge not aligned with screw holes, etc. OK, I was a tiny bit concerned but figured that so far, everything was going just great. And the doors proved it to be the crowning 100% GREAT! The door pins slide perfectly on the hinges and when closed, the doors aligned perfectly with the magnetic latches. Everything when so well with assembly that I forgot to mention one itsy bitsy little thing. One....not two or three....but just ONE of the small Phillips head screws that would attach the door handles to the door, did not go completely in. So I backed out the screw, tried once, the twice more and then finally did my Grandpa's trick: I put a little soap on the screw.....and it when in all the way. With assembly completed I then rolled the unit to it location for the microwave, placed the appliance on top, locked the wheels, and it was done. Oh....and one more thing I like very much about this unit is that the inside shelves are solid wood slats assembled into one shelf. You get two shelves with this unit. The upper shelf is for small covers or frying pans and the bottom for some larger items you don't use very often. Overall, it took me about 1 1/2 hours to put together (Yes, I took my time with this assembly) and the final results are better looking than the photo on the web page. The biggest NO-NO I can offer is this: When assembling, DO NOT USE A POWER DRILL OR POWERED SCREWDRIVER. Use of a powered unit is really unnecessary and WILL damage or split the wood if one were to get a little over zealous in tightening the screw bolts. The Allen wrench provided is perfect for the job. I am overwhelmingly pleased (as is my other half) with the looks and solid nature of this cart. It is WELL WORTH the price. AND, I do recommend as a definite BUY.


This is a good product and arrived on time in good condition. I will buy again.

Customer image

Jamie Shelton

Bought this for my sons new bedroom set. Very nice, great quality and price.

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Jessie Nguyen

Very nice item, assembly instructions easy to follow.

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Martin Jackman